Adam McDade – Heart Warrior

Let me tell you about the strongest, bravest kid I know…

It was a looong day for Adam but 

he. did. great.  

So proud of this rock star- he is so amazing.  Thank you for your prayers- they *truly* made a difference!

We weren’t sure what to expect today, we packed overnight bags because we thought there might be a chance he would be admitted, but we woke up and his chest looked better than yesterday, so that gave us some relief.

His incision will start to heal, I will exclude most of those details, because they are pretty graphic and Sarah assures me I don’t want to know what they had to do… but just know it’s better. Essentially Adam was having a reaction to the internal stitches and they had to be taken out. Adam is doing fine. Adam’s surgeon and his team have been amazing the last few days. We are incredibly thankful for them. We are back in the Cape and didn’t have to stay at the hospital.

Today was also his previously scheduled post-op testing. Which in itself is a lot for Adam, but again, this little 2.5 year old was such a trooper.

We were able to get an EKG (which is normally cancelled because he just screams), we got a calm BP and HR which is also important. X-rays looked good, he sounded good and his 02 numbers have increased (even since last wk). Seeing his 02 steady at 90 gives us goosebumps- this is an enormously wonderful thing for his body….a much bigger deal than we could begin to explain. Each of his days will be better because his oxygen is higher, we are so thankful. 

So now- we can think about heading home ? and we will make sure Adam gets to go do a BUNCH of fun things- he absolutely deserves it. All he has been asking to do since we got here is to go see Mickey. That’ll be on the top of our list.

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