ER Update

Adam has internal stitches that keep his chest closed. The stitches adhere to something inside and dissolve. That didn’t happen. They said near the knot sometimes it’s tricky. Because it’s out and exposed issues can come up because it’s not completely closed off.  

A pus pocket developed underneath. She squeezed it all out, cleaned it with a solution that sterilizes and covered with gauze. We will clean twice a day and start antibiotics. 

We will be back Thursday for a checkup and his tests. 

It’s very good that we came. Once again, moms instinct was right. Adam screams and screams anytime he’s getting checked out, and especially anytime his chest is exposed. So thankful that she is there, as hard as it is.

Waiting for them to discharge.

3 thoughts on “ER Update

  1. Sweet Adam to have to go through so much is so hard to hear. So sorry to hear this and we continue to pray for a speedy and smooth recovery and that going forward the antibiotic will do its job so that Adam can fully heal. Love you all.

  2. Hope all is better soon, poor little guy has to go though so much. My heart goes out to all of you. Love Nana

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