Oxygen and Echos

Adam has been in the hospital for 8 nights now, getting stronger each night. Yesterday he had an X-ray (looked great) and echocardiogram (inconclusive, pics weren’t clear). The doctors have ordered a sedated echocardiogram today at 1pm. They are looking to see how his heart function is. The echo they did right after surgery looked great, so we want to see the exact same thing today.

His oxygen is off now and he is hovering in the low/mid 80s. We need him consistently above 85. Last night he would dip into high 70s but bounce back after a minute or so.

Sarah is being awesome, as usual. Has stayed in the room with him almost the entire time, and has gone with him to his tougher treatments, like getting the tubes and wires out… I would have hit the floor passed out. She is such an amazing advocate for Adam!

I’m just trying to keep the ship afloat for Carson, Grace and me. We are checking out of the hospital housing today and moving to a hotel in anticipation for Adam getting released soon hopefully. Those two have been really great considering 10-12 hour days in hospital rooms. Looking forward to being able to have some fun soon.

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