Tubes Out

They removed the chest tubes and pacing wires yesterday afternoon. The only thing he is on currently is oxygen. They have weaned that down and the next step is to hopefully remove it. His O2 is staying in an acceptable level so he should be able to tolerate it.

He got some good rest yesterday after they took everything out. His appetite also picked up a little and he was able to eat some Mac and cheese. 

We went back to the playroom and he met his little friend again. He played with her in the playroom on Friday too. Her family came all the way from California for her treatment. Adam and her had so much fun playing and she really perked Adam up! Her dad stopped by our room in he late afternoon with balloons for Adam because they were discharged and get to go home ?.

They sent another dog to visit Adam, this time a small one that could get closer to him. He loves having them come visit.

Today should be another good day. The hospital gets really quiet on weekends so we will probably just try to get Adam more active. We are allowed to take him off the floor to walk around now, so a change of scenery will be nice for him.

An echocardiogram is scheduled for Monday. I think we are getting closer to a discharge date. The early estimate was Wednesday but we don’t know for sure. 

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